The Archivists' Tragedy

by Angel Grave

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The Archivists have perfected their society, eliminating all scarcity and injustice, at the cost of all outside contact. As they reach out to archive and bind together the galaxies around them, their own identity begins to collapse.

In a last ditch effort to maintain their own society while becoming greater citizens of the universe, the Archivists send their greatest composer out to write a symphony of the universe. In its journey, the composer observes mysticism, repression, unity in the face of adversity, and reckless destruction of worlds and resources.

We join the Archivist as it reflects upon its work so far and the effects of a widened social perspective. Upon the horizon is our planet Earth, where a most unexpected fate awaits the Archivist.


released March 12, 2016

Troy Atkinson - Guitars, vocals
Noah Atkinson - Percussion, vocals
Jake Deiotte - Bass, keys, sound manipulation, vocals
Travis Kalbe - Guitars
Zack Scofield - Additional guitar on "Serpentine Maelstrom"
Olivia Forrester - Voice acting on "Geocentrism"

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jake Deiotte
Album art by Noah Atkinson



all rights reserved


Angel Grave Chicago, Illinois

A raging supernova of distortion, clave worship, swing, psychedelia, and whatever musical matter is caught in orbit. All that's certain is groove and danger.

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Track Name: Archivists of the Universe
Utopia achieved, scarcity alleviated
Perfection encapsulated, outer worlds untold
Metropolis is naught with galaxies we know not
Full mastery of but one lacks empathy,
Imperfection. We must caress the universe
With our scribes. We shall attain the wealth of
Existentiality, thus of darkness we are strained.

Archives grow, outer knowledge flows
The seeds of empathy and perspective sow
Flattened sights to extroversion
Dimensional Augmentation
In galactic shift we become immersed
The watchful eyes of the universe
Thirst for knowledge causes logos lapse
Eyes run dry from cognitive collapse

The archives loom over graying sands
Our world forgotten, perfection wan
The former bastions of triumphant craft
Wither to memories of a crumbling land
Paradoxical is perpetual search
A grasp for stars on the canyon's edge
The wanting scribe lost in endless space
The echoes fading of his perfect race
The answer lies in the face of two
The minds of ours, the planetary strew
A macro-historical symphony
A song encompassing the universal sea
O crafter of music, you shall leave at once
The song of songs awaits within and out
Your task pervades all endeavors hence
The championing craft of all existence
Track Name: Shattered Continuum
(lyrics by Travis Kalbe)

Perfect invention with what intentions?
Cosmos creation, cosmic cremation
Vision unclear, shrouded in mist
All fades to black, burnt to a crisp

Answers found, existence lost
Time unbound, paradoxical cross

Turbines roar into the cosmos, transcending continual threads
Vacuum bursts at the seams, ides of time spill forth with dread
Implosions collapsing the skyscape, cacophonous horrors
Destroy, torn into shreds, science spills blood from its ploy
Track Name: Isle of Awakening Slumber
Statuesque sands quivering before the roaring blue’s command
A cradle of beige, a titan of azure
The child gazes at the dormant sea, envious awe
Insomniac soul shouts a yearning plea, awakening call

The world grays, clamoring winds roar
A thousand rippling hands lurch towards the shore
An earthen slumber to aquatic rage
Encircling water, a numb child on the tidal stage

Strength drifts from my lungs, breath lies atop the waves
Blue fades to black, a casket awaits my fall

The maw of the deep, expand, retract
The fangs of sleep upon my breadth
Air, glorious air! A celestial wisp!
Heavy water tears doom’s grasp
Rising into the aperture, a new land

Lustrous paradise entombed by sleep, citadels echoing deep
Denizens lost, flesh as stone
Shimmering obelisk calls from the peak, insomniac youth it seeks
A marble altar’s lullaby
Restlessness saps, chrono-untap
A final breath, resonation, rebirth
Track Name: Fall of the Artificers
Breath from stone, thought from bone
Life from none, fruition
Genesis from mind spans
Shifting worlds doth golem hands
Society rife with bio-mechs
Cast astray by religious sects
Creations fade with roving souls
Morale demise as our craft dulls

The stars beckon to us, a galaxy lies ahead
Apotheosis of desolance, all barren and dead
An open canvas awaits, awaiting our conjure
The mold is set into our new world, material allure.

Stone waters flow, bio-form seeds sow
Ousters still in horror as the worlds around them grow
Solar systems teem and dance as the golem lands advance
Religious civil war dims into material expanse
Track Name: The Calculatory Waning
Congruency bisected, the solar architect
Clad in blue robes east and red robes west
The hallowed soil flooded by crusading oil
The cords of toil drifting to the black void

Infidels stain the ground with chlorophyll shoes
Ominous hand of negative charge bitten by fools
Forward lurch the ions and chrome, out with swamps and bogs
Good riddance to the dumb hogs and their obsolete gods

A spherical Olympus croons an oxygen aria
Aquifer skies drift atop riptide crust
Spirits of the ancients meld amidst the flora
Eyes of contentment peer through the clouds
For severed hands it wants

Ravenous temples cascade towards infidel blood
Crosshairs locked… what is this worldly tide?
Breath of an ocean fills the air, a violet cloak.
Track Name: Serpentine Maelstrom
From aeons afar came the monolith towers of scale-flesh
Planet to planet, looting to no end, asteroid holds, the nomad men
Planetary serpent-spear gores the stone
The nomads launch from the fragmentation
Solar system ahead, wealth and refuge wrought
Destination crosshairs locked

Land of purest jade and stone beckons them
Ancient relics forged by masters with open arms
The pride and fire of their world pilfered, dulled
Unsuspecting nobles’ eyes unfurl, tower in the sky

Mountains shatter like glasswork, titanic protrusion roars
Panic ensues in search, triumphant totems unfound
Culture lost at nomad’s greed, elders waiting to die, implosion-bound
Track Name: Sea God's Plight
In an ocean sphere lies a behemoth, upon his shell a biome doth lie
A peaceable sentinel, he guards the deep
As a structure of iron falls from the sky

A wonderous land of emerald sights
Behold! Our refuge from sulfurous fright
This eden hums and teems with life
Beneath this soil, calm movement is rife
The nuclear pyre, now just a thought
Our journey has ceased, our rebirth is wrought
Begone with these insufferable trees
This terrace is ours, expand to the seas.

Welcome, friends, to my humble world
Upon my shell, you may take what you need
But, my fruits are not yours to raze
Preserve this beauty for all of your days

This island's borders press, the forests must burn, level out
Wastes exiled to water, seas locked in shroud

The lonely oak crubles, blood of a god stains the hallowed grass
Eyes to the soil, shame restrains all, soul of the world in hand

Aquatic feather, Colossus's fate in stone
Flesh dissipated, the biosphere's meal awaits
Oxygen crisps as crimson engulfs the surface
Crimson waters spread, the ocean's own watery grave
Track Name: Geocentrism
Upon a pedestal of palms I sit. Without a word, the torch drops
Gold and blood pumped into fantasy
The land god ails, her bandages fallacy
The crew of man sets his vessel ablaze
I must return to sea from this song of tragedy

Of pride and triumph our guest writes in black
He casts our world to the cosmos’s back
Bind his poisonous hands and try him for slander
The tale of man shall bellow like thunder

Marooned on soil, trapped as a troubadour Merrick
A cyan pall, the archives fade from my blackening mind
A strangled call, movements melt into the aether
A frozen hall, the archivists’ fate turns to ash in my hands
The symphony’s dead, development unresolved

Earth is saved, the freakshow is over
Invasion by lies and Snowden-esque cries
Stomped from existence and sheep realigned
Burn the shuttles and our knowledge of space
The black void is naught but a cesspool of sinners
Humanity shines as the angelic race!