The Weeping Bonesaw Tapes

by Angel Grave

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released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Angel Grave Chicago, Illinois

A raging supernova of distortion, clave worship, swing, psychedelia, and whatever musical matter is caught in orbit. All that's certain is groove and danger.

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Track Name: Cosmos Weaver
Captain's log: day 436. Exiting turbulent space. The vastness and perennial brilliance of this universe has stained indescribable pigments into my consciousness. No longer do I stand behind a looking glass, a warm-mouthed masquerade, but as an ambassador of all time and space, a canvas through which the cosmos itself may weave into one mind. This song will truly be the championing craft of all existence.
Track Name: Archivists of the Universe
Utopia achieved
Scarcity alleved
Perfection encapsuled
Other worlds untold
Metropolis is naught
With galaxies we know not
Full mastery of but one
Lacks empathy, imperfection
We must caress the universe
With our scribes we shall attain
The wealth of existentiality
Thus of darkness we are strained

Archives grow, outer knowledge flows
The seeds of empathy and perspective sow
Flattened sights to extroversion
Dimensional augmentation
In galactic shift we become immersed
The watchful eye of the Universe
Thirst for knowledge causes logos lapse
Eyes run dry from cognitive collapse

The archives loom over graying sands
Our world forgotten, perfection wan
The former bastions of triumphant craft
Wither to memories of a crumbling land
Paradoxical is perpetual search
A grasp for stars on the canyon's edge
The wanting scribe lost in endless space
The echoes fading of his perfect race
The answer lies in the face of two
The minds of ours, the planetary strew
A macro-historical symphony
A song encompassing the universal sea
O crafter of music, you shall leave at once
The song of songs awaits within and out
Your task pervades all endeavours hence
The championing craft of all existence
Track Name: Isle of Awakening Slumber
Statuesque sands
Quivering before the roaring blue's command
A cradle of beige
A titan of azure
The child gazes at the dormant sea
Envious awe
Insomniac soul shouts a yearning plea
Awakening call

The world grays
A clamoring wind roars
A thousand rippling hands
Lurch towards the shore

Strength drifts from my lungs
Breath lies atop the waves
Blue gives way to black
A casket of beige awaits my fall

The maw of the deep
Expand retract
The fangs of sleep
Upon my breadth
Air! Glorious air!
A celestial wisp!
Heavy water tears doom's grasp
Rising into the aperture
A new land

Lustrous paradise entombed by sleep
Citadels echoing deep
Denizens lost
Flesh as stone
Shimmering obelisk calls from the peak
Insomniac youth it seeks
A marble altar's lullaby
Restless saps
Chrono untap
A final breath
Resonation, rebirth